AZ Run-n-gun Academy

An East Valley club basketball team offering year round training for all levels from age 6 to 16

Founded by Dave Harris, the Arizona Run-n-Gun Academy is an east valley club basketball team offering a premier basketball training program for youth ages 6 through 16. This year-round model was developed to give players as well as parents the opportunity and flexibility to concentrate on school and attend non-basketball functions throughout the year all while keeping up with and advancing their skills on the court. The end goal of the academy is to develop Arizona youth both on and off the court through discipline, trust and hard work and be instrumental in their journey of becoming an elite player.

Inspire Courts Release Form

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Tournament Aug 14th and 15th

Good evening everyone just a reminder I will be sending info on this website now for club basketball texts for Heritage Basketball. Please start selling Cardinals Football Squares our fundraiser has officially started and we need to help PLEASE. We wil play a tournament on Aug 14th and 15th most of you guys have paid but please if you haven’t please pay we will also play Varsity as well if we have enough players. Any questions or concerns please texts or call me Thanks guys

Good morning everyone

Good morning everyone hope you all have logged on and signed up to recieve announcements we will be back at it Aug 3rd our practice time will be from 8pm till 915pm its cheaper allowing us to have our club extended until the beginning of basketball season where we will take a break and play Jr High ball or JV or Varsity. Please begin and start selling squares for our fundraiser just like last year I will post the squares sheet with just numbers thru 100 as soon as you sell a square Venmo or Cash app me the money and what number and name you want. Thanks guys I will be sending a message everyday so we get use to checking our website. My goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible.


Sorry guys haven’t used this site for awhile but we are back anyone interested in coming back I apologize please contact me and we will get you going Thanks guys


I would like to start back up the 1st week of March. We will have Tues and Thurs practices. Practices will be from 745 till 9pm. Due to Covid this is the cheapest we can find so we must make that adjustment. Thanks guys please sign up if you haven’t signed up already have a wonderful day.

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East Valley basketball club Player playing defense
East Valley basketball club Player playing defense

Practice Schedule

Junior Varsity

  • Monday - 5:30 - 6:15 pm
  • Wednesday - 5:30 - 6:15 pm
  • Friday - Shoot-a-round will resume after League Play


  • Monday - 6:15- 7:30 pm at Gilbert Boys and Girls Club
  • Wednesday - 5:30 - 7:00 pm at Gilbert Boys and Girls Club
  • Friday - Shoot-a-round will resume after League Play

AZ Run-n-Gun In Action

East Valley Basketball Club Team Video



Hello everyone Card Squares are back in full effect the top numbers are for Tennesee and the left side numbers are for our Cardinals Good Luck everyone and enjoy the Cardinal...

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Good luck to everyone this is the last fundraiser game this year I would like to Thank everyone for there participation I still owe Devin a BIKE I just have to go to the club and pick it up sorry. Let's all cheer on the Cards today my good people we need this...

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Here's today numbers the top numbers are for the home team Carolina and the left side numbers are for our Cardinals. Good Luck everyone and Let's Go...

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