AZ Run-n-gun Academy

An East Valley club basketball team offering year round training for all levels from age 6 to 16

Founded by Dave Harris, the Arizona Run-n-Gun Academy is an east valley club basketball team offering a premier basketball training program for youth ages 6 through 16. This year-round model was developed to give players as well as parents the opportunity and flexibility to concentrate on school and attend non-basketball functions throughout the year all while keeping up with and advancing their skills on the court. The end goal of the academy is to develop Arizona youth both on and off the court through discipline, trust and hard work and be instrumental in their journey of becoming an elite player.

Inspire Courts Release Form

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Cards squares End Of The 4th Qt Winner

Hello everyone we have a winner we have a winner. My sister in Law Kendal is our end of the 4th winner and its not fixed guys lol. Thanks everyone and Go Cards we beat the Division Champs at there house AWESOME.

Cards Squares 1st half winner

We didn’t have a winner for Halftine guys the numbers your looking for to see who won is home team #3 and the visitors which are Cards #0 that space when you find it is space 100 and its blank the last space on the board. Good luck for full end of the 4th qt winner.


Good morning everyone we will have practice today at 5pm till 615 at Inspire Courts. Same rules as yesterday drop off pick up only you can drop off at 450. We can enter now without a group come in and get ball sprayed and hand sanitizer BEFORE YOU GO ON THE COURT. Please please bring water we have kids forgetting water theres no water fountains on in the gym. No bags come with basketball shoes carry sandals in if you want to bring them. No tournament this weekend and next week because of the 4th of July we will have just 1 practice on Mon the 29th. Thanks guys have a wonderful day.

Download the Document for Inspire Courts

You can go to the link down below to download a copy of the form needed for tonight’s practice. I will also place this form on the home page for easy access.


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East Valley basketball club Player playing defense
East Valley basketball club Player playing defense

Practice Schedule

Junior Varsity

  • Monday - 5:30 - 6:15 pm
  • Wednesday - 5:30 - 6:15 pm
  • Friday - Shoot-a-round will resume after League Play


  • Monday - 6:15- 7:30 pm at Gilbert Boys and Girls Club
  • Wednesday - 5:30 - 7:00 pm at Gilbert Boys and Girls Club
  • Friday - Shoot-a-round will resume after League Play

AZ Run-n-Gun In Action

East Valley Basketball Club Team Video



We had money for bags that a parent got donated to us I'm gonna use that money to get us these new ones. Let me know if you guys like...

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Great weekend guys we played well. 14u made it to the finals and fell short of a title but beat a top AAU team Legion of Hoops in a Semi final battle. 13u had some new faces and played really well and hard I'm proud of both teams that competed in The Dominic Vegas...

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Christmas shout out to everyone. I have you guys to be thankful for God Bless you and your familys. We will practice Mon the 30th at 4pm everyone together please all Varsity players I need you there if you cant come I need to hear from you. Thanks guys enjoy your days...

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