AZ Run-n-gun Academy

An East Valley club basketball team offering year round training for all levels from age 6 to 16

Founded by Dave Harris, the Arizona Run-n-Gun Academy is an east valley club basketball team offering a premier basketball training program for youth ages 6 through 16. This year-round model was developed to give players as well as parents the opportunity and flexibility to concentrate on school and attend non-basketball functions throughout the year all while keeping up with and advancing their skills on the court. The end goal of the academy is to develop Arizona youth both on and off the court through discipline, trust and hard work and be instrumental in their journey of becoming an elite player.

2018-2019 Academy Registration Now Open

It is time to register for the new program year. Click the link for more information. You can register online or by downloading a form, complete it, and return to the director.










Awesome job you 2 for making your middle school team I'm so proud of the both of you keep working hard and being coachable and the sky is the limit for you 2. Coach is very very very proud of you...

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Thank you to all the parents that brought more squares or sold more squares. Heres the new square sheet anyone else can still buy them and sell them today before the Cards game start your help would be deeply appreciated. Good luck everyone and enjoy and cheer for our...

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AZ Run-n-Gun In Action

East Valley Basketball Club Team Video



Good morning guys Varsity will practice today with SOL at 6pm. Varsity will start with SOL and end with me. I will start with JV today at 630 till 715.
JV Players
Everyone else is Varsity so be at practice at 6pm and you will practice with SOL Coach Oscar. Also we are playing 12u this weekend let me know if you are available and would like to play all games will be at Inspire in Gilbert. Tournament fees is 30. Thanks guys and see you tonight.


Sorry everyone there was no 1st half winner or the end of the game winner for this week Cardinals Squares. We will have practice today at 630. Varsity will go with Sol coaches and JV players will go with me if enough JV players show up today. Parents please contact me and let me know if you are coming to practice or NOT. Also please read all the Academy website info about giving advance notice if you are going to take time off of the Academy. I’m trying to be as nice as I can with everyone but I’m getting frustrated with some of our parents. I would hate to tell a parent they are dismissed from the Academy so please everyone make every effort to make practices and to PAY MONTHLY DUES ON TIME. We all need to work together so our program is successful its not just my program its all of OURS and all parents should be recruiting other good kids and parents to help your child compete against the best competition in the state of Arizona. Lets all do our part to build a strong program for all of our kids. Thanks guys see you tonight.


Hello guys we wont practice today wont have enough players that can make it so we will have practice Mon please make every effort to be there we are behind we have work to do everyone so please try to make every practice this month. Thank you

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East Valley basketball club Player playing defense
East Valley basketball club Player rebounding
East Valley basketball club Players after a tournament win
East Valley basketball club Player after a win

Practice Schedule

Junior Varsity

  • Monday - 5:30 - 6:15 pm
  • Wednesday - 5:30 - 6:15 pm
  • Friday - Shoot-a-round will resume after League Play

10u - 11u Varsity

  • Monday - 6:15 - 7:30 pm at Gilbert Boys and Girls Club
  • Wednesday -6:15 - 7:30 pm at Gilbert Boys and Girls Club
  • Friday - Shoot-a-round will resume after League Play

12u - 14u Varsity

  • Monday - 6:15- 7:30 pm at Gilbert Boys and Girls Club
  • Thursday - 5:30 - 7:00 pm at Gilbert Boys and Girls Club
  • Friday - Shoot-a-round will resume after League Play

Interested in Joining the Academy

You can either register online or download a form to complete. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.