AZ Run-n-gun Academy

An East Valley club basketball team offering year round training for all levels from age 6 to 16

Founded by Dave Harris, the Arizona Run-n-Gun Academy is an east valley club basketball team offering a premier basketball training program for youth ages 6 through 16. This year-round model was developed to give players as well as parents the opportunity and flexibility to concentrate on school and attend non-basketball functions throughout the year all while keeping up with and advancing their skills on the court. The end goal of the academy is to develop Arizona youth both on and off the court through discipline, trust and hard work and be instrumental in their journey of becoming an elite player.

2018-2019 Academy Registration Now Open

It is time to register for the new program year. Click the link for more information. You can register online or by downloading a form, complete it, and return to the director.














Great weekend guys we played well. 14u made it to the finals and fell short of a title but beat a top AAU team Legion of Hoops in a Semi final battle. 13u had some new faces and played really well and hard I'm proud of both teams that competed in The Dominic Vegas...

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Christmas shout out to everyone. I have you guys to be thankful for God Bless you and your familys. We will practice Mon the 30th at 4pm everyone together please all Varsity players I need you there if you cant come I need to hear from you. Thanks guys enjoy your days...

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my parents and players I'm truly thankful for having you all be apart of my basketball FAMILY. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy holidays. God Bless you all and see you all on Mon we are back to...

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AZ Run-n-Gun In Action

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Hello everyone with school being cancelled please note when we are up back and running times will be changed we will try to go earlier and more often with school not being in to make up for all this sitting we are doing now. Please be open to time change we just have to to accomplish what we are trying to accomplish and compete in tournaments through out the summer. Thanks guys when you can please shoot me a texts and let me know for the Varsity only what’s the earliest you can practice on Mon Wed Thurs and Fri. Thanks guys please take care of yourselfs Wash hands and shower guys and also workout 2 ball dribble and 1 ball with a tennis ball. See everyone very soon.


Guys it looks like we are gonna be shut down for alittle bit longer please I encourage you to be working out on your own outside. It’s very good for your immune system to be putting your body through workouts. Always shower immediately after working out outside. Use hand sanitizer before you begin your workout. Hope everyone is practicing social distancing chill at home my good people stay away from other people and stay clean and safe. Please take care of yourselfs and KEEP YOUR FAITH IN GOD. We will get through this guys Thanks and see you very soon I promise.


We are going to sit out until April and figure out a practice schedule then. Please go to play it again sports by 2 out door basketballs and spend Mon and Wed for 30 mins doing 2 ball dribbling all of our CONE WORK and also add a tennis ball and a basketball and do CONE WORK with the tennis ball and basketball. Add some cardio whenever you can do sprints on the streets infront of your house. All dribbling drills should be done outside in the driveway DONOT DRIBBLE INSIDE THE HOUSE GUYS. Please start these workouts asap so we aren’t super rusty when we start back up guys. JV guys just get a basketball and dribble for 10 to 15 mins using both hands outside on Mon and Wed. Thanks guys we will be backed to practice before you know it no worries take care of yourselfs and your families God Bless You all and see you soon.


Hello everyone can everyone please texts me let me know how they are feeling I would like for us to go on Wed if we cant go inside at the Gilbert boys and girls club I would like to go outside somewhere close to the club. Please texts me and let me know if you feel ok and would like to star practicing again. Thanks guys please if you have a min I would like to hear from every parent please this is not just on me but it’s our program we are truly a FAMILY when it comes to making decisions.


No practice this week I’m trying to resume all regular activities next week I will keep you updated on any news from the CDC. Thanks everyone for your patience with this unforeseeable situation I apologize but I rather be safe than sorry guys. Once again while we are at home let’s stay practicing good hygiene. Send a pray out for this to get better sooner than later I’m tired of being in the house I need basketball my good people 😂🤣😂🤣. See you all soon and please take care of yourselfs and families.

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East Valley basketball club Player playing defense
East Valley basketball club Player playing defense

Practice Schedule

Junior Varsity

  • Monday - 5:30 - 6:15 pm
  • Wednesday - 5:30 - 6:15 pm
  • Friday - Shoot-a-round will resume after League Play


  • Monday - 6:15- 7:30 pm at Gilbert Boys and Girls Club
  • Wednesday - 5:30 - 7:00 pm at Gilbert Boys and Girls Club
  • Friday - Shoot-a-round will resume after League Play

Interested in Joining the Academy

You can either register online or download a form to complete. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.