Important Information About Run-n-Gun


Our team will practice three days a week. We will practice Wed, Thursday and Friday. Monday and Tuesday are rest days. Practices will be 1.5 hours in length. On Wednesday and Thursday, we will practice from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. On Friday, we will practice from 5:30 to 7:00. The locations of practice will vary from week to week. To stay up to date on practice times and locations, you can get announcements and calendar changes delivered to your inbox by subscribing to News and Events below.


We will play in one, possibly two tournaments per month. Please make sure to pay the tournament fee to Coach Harris in advance.

Values and Priorities

The focus at AZ Run-n-Gun is on player development. The goal is for each player to improve their game and make their high school team as a contributing player. If we win games at tournaments while doing this, it will be a bonus.

Communication with Coaches

Coach Harris and Coach Dawson are available by text, phone, and email. They are open to all communication from players and parents. However, it is ideal NOT to try and have a serious conversation before or after a game. Schedule time at a later date.

Coach Dawson Email: [email protected]

Coach Harris Email: [email protected] 

Player Responsibility

Part of the training includes teaching players to speak up for themselves and take responsibility. Encourage your players to talk directly with the coach if they have any questions or issues. There will be times when the coaches ask players to do something. It is important to hold the kids responsible for these things and not jump in as parents. This is part of learning personal responsibility.

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