Ok I would like to be back in the gym on May 25th it’s a Mon I need every parent who’s planning to comeback to please contact me as soon as possible. I also need any parent with a balance to please pay that balance before the 25th please. If I dont hear from you I cant put you in a training group and you wont be allowed to train. Next week sometime we will have a MANDATORY PARENTS MEETING. 1 parent will have to be there so they can get all of the info. Varsity players we will have our 1st tournament in the 2nd week of June at Leading Edge and the Gilbert boys and girls club it’s a trial run for tournaments to see if its doable to have tournaments. You DONOT HAVE TO PLAY IN TOURNAMENTS GOING FORTH IF YOU DONT WANT TOO. There will be alot of info coming out in several days please communicate with me so you know what’s going on. Also please if your deciding not to comeback please just let me know I understand to fullest and will have no animosity these are different circumstances that we are in and you have to do what’s best for your family and your child and I truly RESPECT that. Thanks guys please contact me asap just to let me know if your in or out. Thanks guys