Good morning guys I havent sent you guys a message in a min so I would like to let you guys know what’s going on. As soon as this stay at home law is lifted we should be able to get back to work. Varsity guys will have to go into tournaments as soon as we are back so 16 and 17u please ask anyone you know of to join our program. I will send out the practice schedule as soon as I hear from the Boys club and also a tournament will follow as soon as we start back up. We will go longer to make up some months that we missed i will keep you posted on that. I’m praying by the 2nd week of May we are back in the gym practicing even if I have to have groups of 10 per practices I will find away to make it work. Hope all is well with everyone and there families. There is signs of getting better everyone so with God’s help and everyone prayers we will be back to normal asap. Please text or call me if you have any questions or concerns.