Hello everyone we will play in PHX and some kids will be playing on 2 teams everyone will PAY 45 for this tournament in Cash tonight and tomorrow. Schedule will be out tomorrow some kids will play 3 or more games on Sat because they will be playing on 2 teams in the tournament. I will monitor them and make sure they get good breaks in those games and make sure they are resting and not messing around in between games. I chose the PHX tournament because I feel it will be better competition thats what we need now. Parents this is a new tournament group I know them but we have never played in there tournament before. As you know there will be a charge at the door for spectators also they donot allow any food in the Jr high gym we mite be playing in. Just giving everyone an heads up we should most likely be at the Kroc center on 16th St and Broadway but if we end up at the Jr high they wanted me to let everyone know no food in the gym only water. Thanks guys if you have any questions please let me know.