Thanks guys for having your full buy in to our program. Basketball is about relationships guys and I have alot of great basketball relationship lol in which thats why we get alot of last min tournament opportunities. I will always take advantage of those opportunities for your child as well as my children cause they are all my sons and daughters as well. I would like to thank all of you guys for your adjustments you make to have your child play in the last min tournaments. I promise you I will do everything in my power to make sure your child whole basketball career has the best chance to be a very successful one. Alot of you are figuring out Club basketball is kinda expensive but I promise you is not even close to club volleyball and club baseball and club soccer. I will always work with all my parents to make this financially convient and reasonable as possible. I have coached high school basketball for years and EVERY kid that has ever made my teams where Club basketball players. If your kid isnt playing club basketball he will have a hard time making his Jr high team and he doesnt stand a chance of making his high school team if he’s not playing Club basketball by his 7th grade year. So Please communicate with me if you are having any financial challenges they can be worked out but I have to KNOW inorder to help you with your problem. Also all parents I am truly blessed to coach and train your sons and daughters and I SEE AMAZING GROWTH IN EVERY KID IN THE PROGRAM so I really like to Thank all of you for letting your child join the academy. I promise you all if your child stays and continue to work hard the sky is the limit for his basketball talent and ability. Please be advised guys its not where you start but its how you finish and any kid thats in my program will have an opportunity for greatness cause No one will out work us and be more discipline than us. Thanks guys and lets have a breakdown 1 2 3 FAMILY