Just wanted to give a special shout out to Tara and Nev and Lauren and Fabian these parents went above and beyond to help out for 2 days this weekend. Thank you to everyone for helping out but really thanks to the FAB 4 Thanks guys. Just wanted to say guys in sports and thats any sports I think its real important to volunteer for anything that your child is participating in its great to show your kids that you are in for this program and it brings us closer. At the end of practice our kids say FAMILY before we leave practice thats what we are every friend I have today played sports with me and we all have very sucessful lives and sucess isnt measured by how much money you have but its what you are giving to other people besides yourself. Im just very disappionted we didnt have more than 10 parents help out for 2 days for our program tournament it showed me alot and I understand other commitments but to not donate an hour or 30 mins and every kid in my program played FREE in this tournament was very disappionting. And once again Thank you to everyone that volunteered your time this weekend.