Good morning everyone I will be sending reminders from time to time until we get started back up. I will also pick a time next week and let everyone know what time we are getting started on Mon the 1st. I havent heard from some parents please when you have a chance check in with me I will have to leave a list of names at the front door of the Boys and Girls club and if your not on the list you WILL NOT be allowed in.
1st 2 WEEKS
1. No parents just a drop off and pick up only
2. All players must bring your own water and just a basketball NO BAGS.
3. All players will check in at the front desk get there TEMPERATURE taken and put on hand sanitizer.
4. I will go over the social distance we will practice while we are in the gym training EVER KID MUST FOLLOW.
5. We will be in groups of 10. Meaning there will be 10 on one side of the court and 10 on the other side of the court.
6. If your child doesnt feel good please keep them home
I will be adding info every announcement and I will be repeating the same info and RULES over and over again. We must stay safe in the process so please parents help me make sure your kid understands the rules and how training will go. Any questions please texts or call me I’m excited about getting back in the gym and I assure you it will be a very safe environment. Thanks guys see you soon.