YES we have practice today it feels really good to say that. PLEASE DONT FORGET YOU HAVE TO PURCHASE A BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB MEMBERSHIP BEFORE YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO PRACTICE. Please let me know if you will be attending practice today. These are the practice guidlines and rules
1. No parents will be allowed to watch practice it will be a drop off and pick up only.
2. Every kid must check in at the front desk and get there temperature taken and put on hand sanitizer.
3. EVERY KID MUST BRING THERE OWN WATER we donot want to use the water fountain for now and there will be no sharing of water.
4. No Gym Bags just a basketball that’s all you can bring in.
5. We will practice social distancing the best we can.
Hope to see you guys today at practice if your not comfortable with training or playing yet that’s totally fine please come back when you feel its appropriate. Thanks guys any questions or concerns please call or texts me.