Good morning we had alittle bit of Quarantine time. We may have others down the road so know one gets SICK. We will practice today for JV and Varsity together at Inspire. The address is 1090 N Fiesta Blvd, Gilbert, AZ 85233. We will have circuit training today there will be stations on the court with 4 to 5 kids in a group maybe less and all groups will be short and working at 1 station by themselves and we will rotate stations for the whole practice. Stations will be shooting and tons a dribbling and we will rotate Wed stations will have different defensive drills with groups of 4 to 5 no more than 6.
Todays practice rules as follows
NO PARENTS drop off and pickup only also all parents must fill out a waiver before practice for there kid or kids.
Bring your own water.
Bring a basketball NO BAGS.
Every kid must put on hand sanitizer I will have it for them
I will take every kid Tempature must not be above 99.7 or they willnot be allowed to practice and must go home.
Please meet outside of Inspire at 445 to get checked in and to fill out paperwork for Inspire we all have to fill out an Inspire Courts waiver before we can hold practice at there facility.
Please read all information I will have some more information being shared today any questions or concerns please text or call me. Thanks guys I will be sending message all day please check in periodically through the day to receive new information.