Good morning everyone we have practice today at 530 I will also hand out Free Throw Athon paperwork and explain how it works to everyone. Also as a reminder please pay your Monthly Dues on time. You can pay early but DUES ARE DUE ON THE 1ST OF THE MONTH. I will also go over with parents that can make it our practice tonight our SQUARES FUNDRAISER. We will be selling 25 dollar squares for the Cardinals upcoming season most parents already know how this fundraiser goes so I will be looking to explain to the parents that are new to the Academy. Also please let me know today if I ask your child if he can play this weekend if hes available. Tournament is at Leading Edge this weekend I would like for everyone to play but if you cant that’s ok. Please make sure we keep the communication up so no one is left behind we are going to have alot of growth within these 2 to 3 months I want to make every effort to keep everyone in the program I dont want to lose any kid so if you need to call me or text or email please do so anytime any day. Thanks guys see everyone tonight.