Good morning everyone hope all is well and everyone is doing well. I missed you guys bigtime but come Mon we are back to work with alot of work ahead of us. All ARIZONA Run-N-Gun participates must purchase a Boys Club membership on Mon its 30 dollars you will be reimbursed that 30 dollars out of tournament fees your 1st 2 tournament fees will be lower to make up for the 30 dollar membership. JV participants will be reimbursed the Boys club Membership through leagues. EVERYONE will have to have a MEMBERSHIP to be at PRACTICE some of us have them already and if you do you donot have to buy another 1 but if you dont have to purchase 1 on MON BEFORE practice just come in with your son or daughter and purchase 1. Please talk with me if you have any problems paying the 30 dollars I can help out if I need to I’m sorry I’m telling you this last min but this is what the Gilbert Boys and Girls club want to do going forward we all have to be Members inorder to RENT THE GYM. Most JV players have them already but if you dont please purchase 1 on MON. Also very important to let me know if your coming back or your waiting to come back just please give me info so I can make plans to keep you if I havent heard from you means you quit so you WILL NOT recieve your trainings going forward. We will follow a strict RULES AND GUIDLINES when we 1st begin sorry just dont want anyone to get sick we want to train and be cautious all at the same time so I need ever parents HELP with that.
1. Practice will be a drop off and pick up only (everyone will come inside on Mon and purchase a membership for 30 dollars then parents will leave there kid for practice.)
2. Every Kid must BRING WATER this is very important I want to limit leaving the gym just for bathroom only.
3. No Gym BAGS just a BASKETBALL that’s all members can bring inside the gym.
4. Every kid must check in the front desk for every practice at the front desk he will recieve hand sanitizer and have his Temperature taken if its higher than 99.7 he WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PRACTICE.
5. Player to coach ratio will be 10 on 1 with a coach. Coaches will break up groups inside the gym and use the whole gym so no one is bunched together.
6. We will practice social distancing the best we can I will have the floor marked where kids should be standing if they arent participating in a drill.
7. If a coach is giving individual instruction he will cover his mouth and nose with a mask but when hes addressing the whole group from a social distance he DOES NOT have to wear a mask.
Mon practice will be at 430 till 545 with Varsity which is all 12U THRU 16U. JV will go at 545 till 630 that’s all beginners. Please you have any questions on the membership please texts or call me I will be sending out IMPORTANT INFORMATION daily so please read this so you know what’s going on. Thanks guys have a wonderful day