Good morning everyone we will have practice for JV at 545 and Varsity will go at 630. Cardinal squares will start this weekend. If you can please keep selling Squares for 25 a square. We will have our new uniforms next tournament so the money from Squares is for basketballs and cones and other basketball supplies that we really need. Please try attend all practice please we really need these practices if you want to see your child achieve his FULL POTENTIAL. We as a program need to recruit we need more kids if you know of anyone please invite them out to check us out anyone that recruits new players and they sign up will have there Monthly dues lowered. We really need add more kids so we have enough bodies to not have to play kids on 2 teams. We will also have a parent meeting next Month I will let you guys no the date at the beginning of next month. We will also have our banquet from last month when football season is over so everyone who played last year can come if they want. Please I’ve been asking and asking but please sell SQUARES this week this is our last effort to get some more money raised towards our program we need alot of miscellaneous basketball equipment so anything will help. Thanks guys and I really apologize for the way we played this weekend and I will insure and give you my word we will NEVER LOOK THAT WAY AGAIN. See you all tonight and please let me know if you are not planning to make practice tonight.