Please everyone make your 250.00 fundraising goal by Wed. There will be no more fundraising for the year. You need to make this goal so we can get our new uniforms that will be from a Nike vendor. Everyone will be sized next week and hopefully by our next tournament Sept 21st we all have our reversible Red and White Nike uniform. Your uniform WILLNOT BE ORDERED UNTIL YOUR GOAL HAS BEEN MADE. So with no uniform no tournaments. You dont have to get it all with the FreeThrow Athon please sell squares everyone. We need so much guys like basketballs and we gonna have to hire new coaches so please put ever effort towards fundraising. All fundraising money will go to the Academy we will buy uniforms and coaches uniform and Balls and hurdles and cones. All the money will be spent and put to good use we are going into our 2nd Academy year with a bang out with the old and in with the new. Thanks guys and see everyone on Wed you cannot miss the FreeThrow Athon and please invite your friends and family out to the event.