New Program Year

August is the beginning of the academy year.

Two Fundraisers (dates TBA)

  1. Free throw-a-thon
  2. Selling football squares.

Coach Harris wants all of the kids to participate in the fundraisers, he doesn’t want parents to just pay the fee. This is more than just the money, he wants the kids to work and take responsibility for helping to raise money for their team.

July/August Schedule

We will have a  Banquet (exact date tba) at the end of July to celebrate the year and give awards. During August, we will not have any games and we will have only one weekday of practice per week, then another practice on Sunday.

Team Parent

We are looking for a “team parent” to help next year with the collection of money for tournaments, etc. If anyone is interested, please let Coach Harris know.


We will have new uniforms for the new year. We will be using a new uniform vendor that should be better about getting uniforms in a timely manner. Coach Harris apologized for the problems this year with the current vendor and said it will improve. Uniforms will be Nike and will cost more but will look very nice. We will also have the ability to buy parent t-shirts as well.


It is important to attend practice. Make every effort because kids will not get better by only showing up to the games. Improvement doesn’t happen overnight. Basketball is a process and there is no instant success. Kids also peak at different times and sometimes they plateau. Every kid can make the team and play club. Coach Harris said that he will never turn a kid away who wants to be coached.

If you want to take a month off, please let Coach Harris know. It is fine for kids to take breaks for other sports, but just communicate this to Coach.

Report Card

For every kid in the program, he needs to see a report card. Academics come first, basketball second. Coach Harris wants to help us as parents reinforce the importance of academics.

Working with your kids

Coach Harris’s job is to be tough on the kids, but parent’s job is to support the kids and know that our parent role is to pick them up and build them up when Coach has been coaching them hard.

If our kids are not listening at home, or have good discipline, we need to talk to Coach Harris because he wants to help with that and help teach our kids the discipline and respect.