Good morning guys just to let you guys know how important getting behind our fundraisers are so here we go let me explain the business. Everyone that’s in the Academy pays 250.00. You need to know what happens to that money and how Club Basketball works. So here we go our gym rental for a month we pay 50.00 an hour which thats super cheap for a gym so note thats why we are at the Gilbert Boys and Girls club for our gym time which includes are insurance. We practice 6 hours a week so 6 times 50.00 thats 300.00 a week for gym rental fees, times that by 4 weeks thats 1200 a month in JUST GYM FEES. Ok so this month we are only bringing in about 1000.00 in dues for the past 2 months. So to make up the difference for not having enough from our dues that money comes from the 250.00 that everyone has paid to join the Academy. So that 250.00 is now being cut into. Which 100.00 was taken fromt that 250.00 for Aug monthly gym rental which leaves 150.00 left over from the 250.00 registration fees. I also donated 500.00 to the Boys and Girls club so they remember us and allow us to stay in there gym for as long as we are a Academy and we can choose are days for practice before other club teams. So the money that we our short for the last 2 months comes from our 150.00 thats left over. Also coming from that 150.00 is are umiforms and we need 2 of those. We have only 2 fundraiser to help with money and try to get at least 2 uniform. We are a year long Academy and we want you guys to come and go but as you can see that money has to come from somewhere when you are gone and it comes from the left over 150.00 from your registration fees of 250.00. As you can see we are really and I do mean really stretching that leftover 150.00 thats left from everyone lol. With most club organizations you pay 300 to 400 upfront to join there team and that doesnot include uniforms Im trying to supply uniforms in that cost along with our 2 fundraisers we have every year we should be able to get 2 uniforms a year easy. Most of guys think uniforms is out of that 250.00 and they our as long as we our doing are part and fundraising and everyone is particiapting and paying monthly dues in the academy.Our 1st fundraiser was HORRIBLE just keeping it real guys lol so no extra funds for our program was raised. With fundraisers Im trying to build more money for our program without collecting more money out of you guys pockets. Its also giving your child a work ethic if they love basketball let them get out there and work for it. We need so much as a program guys, basketballs, blocking bags, hurdles, cones etc. In our fundraisers guys we need to go above and beyond any goals I give you if the goal is 125.00 you need to go 200.00 all that money is going towards our PROGRAM and guys EVERYONE IN THE ACADEMY NEEDS TO FUNDRAISE. Parents you must buy in to what Im doing or you need to find another program why stay if you dont want to help and hustle for the program it sounds cruel but its honest and its the truth. I feel like some parents are thinking im making alot of money doing this and thats funny cause Im not smh. It cost alot of money to play club basketball im trying to make it cheap and easy for everyone but fundraisers help with that process. Most club teams teams like Team Artest and Power charge 200 to 300 a month cause they pay all of there coaches and only practice 2 times a week. I feel like im a better product than all of them they hold try outs and cut kids I dont cut anyone I take kids who cant dribble and turn them into basketball players for chump change and its not about money for me I LOVE COACHING AND TRAINING but guys it cost money and I need your help in the fundraising part.I also really need all parents to pay on time when the money is due for tournaments and monthly dues. Now anytime you cant pay or you are going to be late just comminicate that to me but the parent that doesnt Im going to cut my losses and just not have your son or daughter in the program. Also guys very important if you are taking off to play another sport through out the year PLEASE give me a 2 month notice thats very important. Guys im sorry I dont want to hurt anyones feelings but Im a business im gonna be more business like so please make sure this Academy is for you. Thanks guys