Hello everyone there will be No Practice today. Thanks for all the good communication when you cant make practice parents. But on the flip side of that we need to make all practices especially Varsity players practice is the only true way of getting better I promise you so please make every effort to make them. Also some of us will and have made the JR high school team guys it’s real important to still make our practices cause some of your JR High coaches aren’t basketball coaches. I can vouch for Leading Edge Academy coaches cause we have quiet a few guys playing on that team hes very good but these other JR high coaches that some of you are playing for its gonna screw you over when you come back to me and have to start all over because your not gonna get alot of coaching from your JR high coach. Just food for thought just always want to be honest and communicate with everyone the truth. Next Mon we are back to practice guys so let’s make practices. Thanks guys see you all next week.