We are going to sit out until April and figure out a practice schedule then. Please go to play it again sports by 2 out door basketballs and spend Mon and Wed for 30 mins doing 2 ball dribbling all of our CONE WORK and also add a tennis ball and a basketball and do CONE WORK with the tennis ball and basketball. Add some cardio whenever you can do sprints on the streets infront of your house. All dribbling drills should be done outside in the driveway DONOT DRIBBLE INSIDE THE HOUSE GUYS. Please start these workouts asap so we aren’t super rusty when we start back up guys. JV guys just get a basketball and dribble for 10 to 15 mins using both hands outside on Mon and Wed. Thanks guys we will be backed to practice before you know it no worries take care of yourselfs and your families God Bless You all and see you soon.