Good morning guys I hope all is going well during this Corona Virus Pandemic. I wanted to let you all know I’m missing you and my 2nd Love besides my lovely family BASKETBALL lol. Im praying everyday this Virus is gone and we can go back to business as usual. I hoping they can open things back up in the middle of May and when they do it means we can go back to work. I havent heard from enough parents about practice especially our JV group so please let me know what adjustments you can make that will help us. Before you know it guys we will be back and playing I made a tournament schedule for us as soon as we our allowed to practice. Please everyone on the Varsity level we will have to hit the ground running so please be doing some type of conditioning. Also any 16 to 17u guy that’s not sign up please contact me asap so you can get signed up if your not signed up your not gonna have a uniform so you wont play in any games. Thanks guys please contact me if you need anything also if you got someone that wants to sign up please have them contact me we need to recruit more players. See you all soon and please take care of yourselfs.