Ok everyone I’m meeting with Joe tomorrow to go over how we will conduct practices at the Boys club. I’m suggesting to Joe we will do the following
1. No Parents will be permitted at practice drop off pick up
2. All kids will only bring a basketball and water to the GYM NO GYM BAGS PERIOD.
3. All kids will use sanitizer on there hands before practice and we will spray there basketball down with Lysol.
4. We will have small groups of 6 or 7 depending on who shows up to practice no more than 7.
5. Our 2 coaches will wear mask when instructing and running are normal drills.
We will have a parent meeting as soon as we cleared to go back to practice so we can go over hygiene before and especially after practice.
There maybe a few more things we may have to do but they will be very easy. Please have your son or daughter start running today they can run in a park all parks are opened so we can get going immediately when it’s safe to go back in the gym. As I recieve information i will be sending it out to all parents please check out website daily you need to know all of this info.