Good morning everyone we have an official start date. We will have our 1st practice June 1st on a Mon I will send out the official time next week. I pushed it back another week because we have some parents on the fence about coming back right now. I ask all my parents even if you arent ready to come back that’s fine but please have your kid working out running and doing some kind of physical activity. Your kids need to be building there IMMUNE SYSTEMS and sitting at home watching TV or playing video games or internet surfing is not good for them. I want to still meet with parents this week or next week. I would also like to hear from every parent in the program please let me know what you will be doing far as joining or waiting I have to coordinate numbers so we stay within the Corona Virus guidelines of coach to kid ratio. I havent heard from to many JV parents so if you guys can contact me please do and I’m fine with you guys waiting to come back I just need to know. Please guys right now is an important time to have outstanding communication thru this difficult time that we will and must get thru. Thanks guys looking forward to hearing from all of you soon.