We talked about a few things if you missed the meeting tonight. We will not be playing in the Supreme Courts league instead I decided to play in tournaments for the next 3 weekends. All league money will pay for the upcoming tournaments for this weekend and the next weekend. We will host our own tournament the week of Mother’s Day the tournament will only be on Fri and Sat no Sun. I forgot to let parents know about purchasing BAGS Im getting a sample bag next week to show all of you guys. The bags cost 55 per person Im paying 20 per kid that wants a bag. So your cost is 35 for your childs bag. The bag will hold 2 pairs of shoes and a basketball. I am also working on getting parents T shirts with Run-N-Gun on them please let me know if you are interested in purchasing some I will have sample out very soon. We will start having monthly meeting guys every month just to inform and discuss things that will be going on in the program. Thanks guys