Heres our important dates for July we will have the whole month of July to fundraise. Aug will be NO DUES for that month. July 20th at the Free Throw Athon all fundraising money will be Due for the Football Squares and The Free Throw Athon. Everyone needs to fundraise PLEASE money will go for our Nike reversible uniform. Everyone will receive an old uniform if you haven’t received 1 already you will receive it soon. Everyone will also receive the new uniform as well if you help with the fundraising. Our Program Banquet will be July 21st at Amazing Jake’s. The Free Throw athon paperwork will be handed out tomorrow at practice and I will explain to all the kids what they have to do to get pledges. The following week I will have the Football Squares paperwork I will explain that to the parents and the kids all together. Any parent that pays for the year upfront like many did please contact me asap and let me know if that’s what you are doing again your fundraiser balance come down for paying for the year. Your full year fee will also stay the same it will not go up. Also any parent that’s been with us a year can pay for the full year upfront and take advantage of a huge savings and eliminate some extra work for your child’s fundraising Goal of 250. I’m posting a picture of our New uniform we will have in Aug for the New Academy year. I would like to thank all the parents for having your child be apart of Arizona Run-n-gun basketball Academy this will be our 3rd Year running and without ALL THE WONDERFUL PARENTS I HAVE it would have never worked. So I appreciate you God had Blessed me beyond anything I’ve could have prayed for because of you guys and I just wanted to Say Thank You So Much. Heres a picture of our new uniform the kids will vote on it being Red and White or Royal Blue and White. See you all tomorrow.