Good morning everyone just sending some important dates and INFO out for everyone. This Mon the 17th we will have an important PARENT MEETING at the Gilbert Boys and Girls club at 530 for any parent that’s gonna comeback to the program for the upcoming season starting in Aug. We will also have a dry run of the Hoop Athon that will be this Wed the 19th on Mon the 17th starting at 5pm at the Gilbert Boys and Girls club ANYONE that’s gonna participate in the Hoop Athon needs to make that practice this Tues at 5pm. Please invite any of your donators and pledgers to the Hoop Athon on Wed the 19th they can come on down and be apart of our event. Any parent that’s coming back that hasn’t let me know already please let me know what you are planning on doing. EVERYONE THAT’S COMING BACK NEEDS TO RAISE 250.00 OR JUST PAY THE 250.00 OUT OF POCKET FOR THE UPCOMING SEASON. IF YOU ARE COMING BACK ALL 250.00 HAS TO BE PAID BY THE END OF THE MONTH ANYONE THAT PAYS ON OR AFTER AUG 1ST WILL PAY 300.00. To all of my parents who paid for there year in 1 payment please be advised you will get the same price if you are coming back and pay the amount before Aug 1st after Aug 1st you will have to pay a higher price for the Year. Please note all parents who paid for half a year you get the same price as well if you are deciding to come back. ALL parents be advised we will have new paperwork that will need to be filled out for our 2nd season we will also have a date that we will fit all the kids returning that every kid in the program has to be there even if they are playing another sport for the next 2 to 3 months and they aren’t training with us. Please I encourage at least 1 parent to make the meeting on Mon the 17th there will be INFO on our next leagues and other important issues. Also if you haven’t already please text me asap I don’t have a lot of my old numbers I had to replace my phone so please send me your number. Thanks guys and have a lovely Sunday God Bless.