If you haven’t already please fill out an waiver and registration form today. Everyone must fill out this form online or print it out and bring it back to me signed and filled out. Also today I will be asking for your child’s numbers for his uniforms. If you have a bag it would be smart to keep your same number you have on the bag. We may change are bags but I’m not sure yet. Also for everyone that’s signed up I will have Boys Club paperwork I need you to fill out and get back to me today. Please parents anyone with a balance or owes money can you please pay it or get with me about payment. Thank you to all my parents who have returned to the Academy I appreciate you guys to fullest sorry for the late thank you but I’m super busy lol. We will be growing quickly thank you to all my parents who are recruiting kids to the Academy please keep up the good work our Academy goal is 50 kids I will close it when we get to 50 kids. Also I’m searching for another trainer I’m in that process as we write lol hopefully I find a good fit pretty soon. Parents please note the more kids we have the lower our dues will go so please ask any and everyone to come and check us out. Thanks guys see everyone tonight at practice.