Just wanted to Thank everyone who returned back to the program we had an outstanding practice. For anyone that’s waiting to comeback I understand your decision and return when you are ready. We will practice again Wed the 3rd. The Boys Club lost its air in the gym it should be fixed by Wed but if it’s not I will find another gym. Please EVERY PARENT ALWAYS READ THE ANNOUNCEMENTS I WILL HAVE ALOT OF IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Announcements are and will be our only way to communicate as a big group so please read so you have all the practice times and days. Awesome job guys your kids need physical activity to build there immune system and most importantly there brains. If you have decided not to comeback yet please have your child doing some kind of physical activity daily it’s the MOST IMPORTANT THING RIGHT NOW. I will let everyone know if we will play in a tournament next weekend of the 12th thru 14th. Once again awesome job everyone and I plan to see you all again on Wed.