Good morning everyone the end of year 1 of the Arizona Run-N-Gun Academy is here. I would like to THANK everyone for there participation and hardwork and dedication to the Academy. To all my parents I have been truly blessed to train and coach your kid or for some of you your kids. Everyone thats is deciding to return for another year of the Academy has an opportunity to fundraise to get there registration fees paid or you can opt to just pay the registration fee and decline to participate in just this Fundraising event cause be advised we will have 2 fundraisers for the Academy year and the 2nd fundraiser everyone has to be involved with. Our 1st FUNDRAISER will be the FREETHROW AND LAYUP ATHON. OK this is how it works we need every kid in our program to go out and ask friends and families for pleadges. They are asking adults to pleadge an amount they will donate for every freethrow and layup that you make during the Athon. Everyone that participates in the Athon will shoot 60 freethrows and 60 layups. For example if I pleadge a dollar for every freethrow and a dollar for every layup my son makes and he makes 50 freethrows out or 60 and he makes 55 layups out of 60 I would owe him 50 dollars for the freethrows and 55 dollars for the layups and my total for payment would be 105.00. Everyone thats coming back to the Academy will have to raise 250.00 for registration fees. Registration fees will take care of Aug dues and Arizona Run-N-Gun Nike Uniform and Boys club membership a T shirt and all coaches shirts. All Academy participants have to raise or pay the 250.00. Any returning participant has a advantage to fundraise and pay there academy registration all new people to the academy don’t have that opportunity so please everyone take advantage of this opportunity. Anyone thats not coming back good luck to you and thank you so much for joining our Academy and I really appreciated the opportunity to help your kid I hope he still wants to become a Huskie lol. To everyone thats returning please know that its gonna be extremely hard to make a club team this coming year we will have alot more new people and there will be major competition. All last year I didn’t recruit any player to my program that will not be the case this coming year I have already recruited several kids and we are growing faster than I imagine. All paperwork for getting your pleadges signed up will be out this evening available to print off of our site. The Freethrow and Layup Athon will be held on July 17th a Mon the money will be due the 21st at that Fri practice if you have any questions at all please call me or email or text me. Once again guys Thank you so much and I hope you all come back and continue to get better at the game of basketball.