Awesome job to everyone please practice good HYGIENE and drink plenty of water and if you can afford it drink 1 cup with Emergencie 1000 MG of Vitamin C Daily Immunity Suport before you come to trainings. That really helps build your Immune system and keeps the Covid 19 out. We will do 2 more weeks at 1hr and 15min practice we will change after 2 weeks to a 1hr and 30 mins practice all Varsity level players. JV will always practice for 45 mins only that wont change. Please donot forget water I’m not allowing our players to leave the gym at all unless it’s for the bathroom only. We can only get to practice 5 mins before out practice time please donot arrive early. There will be a few more house keeping rules I will need to add but no big deal I want this to go smooth so no one gets sick so thank you to all my parents for following this guidline and trusting me with your child. Any questions or concerns please text me or call.